Server Rules

Behavior guidelines on our servers

1. Orders

If the leader gives you orders, follow them at all costs, even if it may seem senseless in your eyes.

2. Reporting Back

If the leader addresses you, respond. If you have been given an order reply ‘Roger’ so the leader will know that you have received and understood it. Upon completion of the assigned task report ‘Ready’.

3. Formation

Stick with the formation unless told otherwise. Unless moving in a column, Even numbers should be to the right side of the leader, while Odd numbers to his left – the EROL thumb rule. If the main squad is split up into smaller squads, each squad moves as an independent team, led by an assigned secondary leader.

4. Map

Stay focused on the map. Know where you and possible friendly units are to avoid friendly fire.

5. Firing

Don’t open fire without being ordered, unless you or another friendly unit are under a direct and immediate threat. ID your target before firing, rather be shot by an enemy than firing on a friendly!

6. Concentration

This is the last and most important rule: Concentrate. We don’t forbid joking, but once a mission has started, stay serious, calm and focus on the game.

7. Feedback for Mission Makers

We expect our players to give feedback to the mission authors. This includes voting on the workshop and commenting on the workshop or forums. The mission makers spend hours making the missions, so the least we can do is spare a minute to give them feedback and encouragement.