Needed Addons

How to get the addons

Required Arma 3 addons and DLC

Optional Addon

Only these client-side addons are allowed.

Arma 3 Launcher – How to quickly import the mods

If you are using the Arma 3 Launcher, you can import the modlist directly into the Launcher while automatically subscribing and loading the mods. To do this, launch the Arma 3 Launcher (by clicking on Play on the Steam Library page). Then, switch to the Mods page when the launcher comes up. In the top right is a button that allows you to manage profiles. Click it, and a bar will open on the side with all your presets, as well as an “Import” button at the bottom. Click import, and either browse to the downloaded modlist, or cut&paste the url into the “File name” field. This will create a new profile called “Imported preset” that has all the mods in it. They are subscribed, downloaded and loaded automatically.

While part of the ACE distribution, the tracer and particles addons also need to be loaded manually by clicking “local mod” on the launcher, and adding @ace/optionals/@ace_tracers and @ace/optionals/@ace_particles.

Once you have all the mods set up, switch to the DLC tab, and check Global Mobilization and Western Sahara CDLCs