Frequently Asked Questions

What version of Arma 3 is required?

We always play the latest version of Arma 3

What addons are needed?

You can find a list of all addons on the needed addons page.

How can I get the server password?

The server password will be provided once you made a brief introduction email via the contact form.

How can I find the server?

There are two ways to connect to the server:

  • In your Multiplayer server list set a filter for “comrades”. Click “Ok”. You should see the server after a moment or two. Double click to connect.

  • Click “Remote”, enter in the IP box and 2402 in the Port box. Hit “Ok” and you should see the server. Double click to connect.

What is the Teamspeak 3 connection data?


Password: ciafdf

Make sure to include the port number as well when you enter the address.

When do we play?

We play organized Arma 3 coop games on Thursdays and Sundays, starting at 20:00 Central Europe Time. If you are uncertain when the sessions start on your time-zone please check here.

How can I become a CiA member?

You don’t need to worry about that. You can play as any other member during coop nights. For that, no membership is required. We offer membership to guest-players who have been playing with us for significant time, that have shown maturity, teamwork attitude, cooperation and temperance during our games, and that have demonstrated initiative by taking leadership roles. Making missions is an advantage, too. Such players will be approached and offered a membership, that grants the CiA tag, admin control of the server and influence over CiA decisions. If you would like to become a member, just show up regularly, be serious, cooperative and calm, take lead, make missions – do all that and an offer will be made to you, but you will have to be very patient…