Comrades in Arms

Who are Comrades in Arms, and what do they do?

Comrades in Arms have been running serious cooperation games since 2004. We are mostly known for our strict but simple playing style. We concentrate on the mission and the ways to complete it, no more, no less. We choose a commander, lay out a plan, and during its execution we follow the team leader’s orders carefully. In spite of that, the atmosphere is light and calm. Everyone, including guests, can lead in our games. However, once a leader was chosen everybody are expected to do exactly as she or he says. There is no training , no role playing, and no membership is required. All are welcome to join if they are aware of the server rules.

We play as a team, communicating briefly and keep the mission objective in mind, instead of each player’s personal score.

Our missions do not include respawn, and never will. We believe that players must value their life in order to ensure exciting games and realistic behavior.

In order to promote the hardcore coop spirit, we provide extensive and professional support for like minded mission makers on our forums and maintain mission frameworks and assets to their need.

The core of Comrades in Arms is its members. Although all are welcome to apply and invited to play with us as guests, CiA is first and foremost for its members.

Last, but not least, we all are becoming friends with each other and since Comrades in Arms at the moment has active members from 12 countries and three continents, we all get to learn great things from one another.