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[SCR] - Lobanak - 05-13-2003

EFL Match:
Clans: [CiA] vs [SCR]
Date: 25.05.2003
Time: 20:00 GMT
Server: [SCR]
Map: ctf 24 efl everon v2.4
No. of games: 2 (3)
Players: 5 vs 5 min.
State: confirmed

Re: [SCR] - Daemon - 05-13-2003

SCR are tough...very tough i ve played with them many times delamitri is always top in public servers..snake thudner and the rest follow very closely...we have to be very well prepared...and no mistakes to be able to walk out from this one...
i try to prevent post of the could they shoot us from everywere... they could see me in the bush etc etc...

Re: [SCR] - maddogmattson - 05-13-2003



Re: [SCR] - White_Fang - 05-13-2003


Re: [SCR] - Luke - 05-13-2003

Good luck!
I am in italy then...

Re: [SCR] - Lobanak - 05-25-2003

SCR server:
Port: 2500

password follow