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DragonKnights match :-) - Luke - 06-24-2002

It was really great to kick them :-)
Let us do a lot of matches now and have fun!

Re: DragonKnights match :-) - maddogmattson - 06-24-2002

Well Luke your are right we kicked them, but we had to find them first.
Like looking for the General in every bush as someone put it once. :lol:
I understand that now!

Let´s have fun to become number 1.

Re: DragonKnights match :-) - Balschoiw - 06-24-2002

hehe !
What I like most is the fact that our "alltime critiziser" at TCZ Forum has been muted. Big Grin
Snake commented our match by not knowing anything about it...why should he know that the other ones were camping this time. I wont tell but Wild simply erased ond modified his posts and closed the topic. I guess he also wrote some words in an E-Mail to this guy :-D
It´s good to have some moderators at TCZ that care about their job. :lol: